Simple and effective solution
for construction management
at all stages of construction


Earthworks and road construction


Urban land improvement



Solutions for:





Solutions include:

  • Drones and tech support
  • Data collection, processing and analysis
  • Set of tools for construction management on TraceAir cloud platform
  • Smart analytics of construction processes

How TraceAir works

Select an area for monitoring

Select an area and a frequency of site monitoring on a map in TraceAir cloud platform

Area is scanned by an autonomous UAV

TraceAir pilot scans selected area using modified autonomous UAV

Collected data is processed on TraceAir web-platform

Collected data is uploaded and processed on TraceAir cloud platform to a digital point cloud and an aerial map of high accuracy

TraceAir algorithms run analysis to provide insightful data

Specialized TraceAir algorithms analyse processed data by comparing reality and the plan of the project to provide actionable and insightful information that will help to prevent errors early and save costs



Get instant measurements of lengths, areas and volumes with geodetic precision right on the platform.

Overlay Plans

Overlay general, architectural, networks or any other plans in the platform to track quality of execution.

See Changes

See changes on the site in any period of time with an automatic changes detection feature.

Track Parameters

Track parameters of your choice for buildings, excavation or urban land design.


See the real-time status and conditions of an object on a construction site.


Leave notes and assign tasks to your collaborators.



Up to 7 times faster geodetic surveying


Up to 4 times faster concept designing


Significant reduction in contractors overcharge


Early detection of errors in construction


Improved communication

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